Utopia Demonstration Video

Utopia logo

Dr. Peter D’Adamo and Dr. Tara Nayak present an introduction to Utopia, the free microbiome analysis add-on module to Opus 23 for uBiome test results.   To use Utopia, you will need to  have your client’s 23andMe data already uploaded to Opus 23. You can then upload as many raw data […]

Cell Danger Response

Cell Danger Response: Oxidative Shielding or Oxidative Stress? Mitochondrial Master Controller of metabolism and gene expression My interest in studying the mitochondrion was ignited by a course I completed 3 years ago.[13] As a naturopathic physician and researcher in generative medicine and amateur cosmologist, my explorations in electric universe cosmology have […]

Multi-SNP algorithms

Algorithms are perhaps the most significant and flexible aspect of Opus 23 data. They are usually the easiest result for the non-medical person to understand, because their conclusions are usually simplified statements in everyday language. Algorithms are processed by the LUMEN app in Opus 23 Pro. LUMEN is one of […]