Getting started


NOTE: Opus 23 Pro is in the later stages of field testing. We expect to go public with the program on January 15, 2016.

Opus 23 Pro is available for use by licensed health professionals. To begin using Opus 23 you must first have the necessary tools and abilities.

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Basic requirements:

  • Technical requirements: Opus 23 Pro is completely web-based and runs on all modern Internet browsers. Opus 23 utilizes many features that require that you have JavaScript enabled on your browser. This is usually the default setting, so you probably need not worry. However, if you’ve turned JavaScript off, you’ll need to turn it back on. Opus 23 Pro also uses cookies to maintain your connection to your data. Again, this is usually the default setting, but if you’ve turned cookies off, you’ll need to turn them back on. We recommend the Google Chrome browser but Opus will work well on Firefox and later versions of Internet Explorer
  • Mobile devices: Opus 23 Pro is designed to be “responsive,” i.e. it will conform visually to whatever device you are viewing it with. It works well with most tablet devices, such as the iPad. However we do not recommend using devices with very small viewports, such as smartphones

Creating an Opus 23 Pro account

To begin using Opus 23 Pro you must have an account. Creating an account is a simple two-step process and is free of charge. After you create your Opus 23 Account you will have the option of moving onto the next screen and purchasing 1-10 client licenses.

Basic licencing

Each Opus 23 Pro client license is $75 USD. This will allow you to upload raw data for one client. There is no time limit of working with uploaded clients. You are free to develop, redevelop and evolve your use of Opus 23 analytics and reporting on that client indefinitely.  You can organize curation elements into multiple datasets and generate any number of different client reports, depending the particular needs of the moment.

INGM member

If you are a current member of the Institute for Naturopathic Generative Medicine (INGM) or the International College of Generative Medicine (ICGM) you qualify for a discounted license fee of $65 USD per each single use license.