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Opus23: The next generation in clinical genomic bioinformatics.

Most patients improve through committing themselves to lifestyle, diet, mindset and environmental changes. When they don't, additional history and sleuthing is needed. As our patients get more complex, the need for quickly evaluating thousands of genes is needed. Peter's Opus23 allows one to do exactly this. I highly recommend using Opus23 for those patients who have 'tried everything' and are still stuck. It could very well find the answers to your patient's riddle. -- Dr. Ben Lynch

Opus23 is a suite of apps that provide a development environment for generative precision medicine. Over 200 clinicians worldwide use Opus23 to develop precise and personalized treatment plans for their clients. It allows the clinician to import raw genomic data (such as provided by 23andMe and other services) and perform a series of extraordinarily sophisticated analytics upon it, culminating in a fully annotated and curated client report .

Hover over any thumbnails below to learn more about a few of the signature apps that run in Opus23.

Complex Multi-SNP Algorithms.

Very few single SNPs have actionable consequences. The Opus23 app LUMEN runs over 250 algorithms on multi-snp clusters, identifying significant haplotypes and epistatic relationships.

Click here to see a typical algorithm

Smart, Dynamic, Interactive Network Maps.

We've all studied pathway maps. However the Opus23 app MAPPER can populate network maps with the actual genotype data from your client. It can even try to approximate gene function based on SNP outcomes and overall network efficiency.

Mega Data Mashups.

Opus23 synthesizes its results from a wide variety of data, including GWAS (genome wide association study) data, dbSNP, Interactome, Etiome, PubMed, HapMap, and many others. SUPERMOGADON takes GWAS data and displays it as interactive Manhattan plots.

If It Has a Name, It Has a Neighborhood.

Genes are known to disribute by organ, tissues, cells and compartments. The STROBE app heatmaps these distributions and allows you to zero in on target areas of interest.

Requisite Variety.

Select any combination of natural products and the AGENCY app will populate an interactive network with their associated genes and secondary agents.

Complex Syndrome Modeling.

Most complex syndromes are the result of genes acting in 'subgraphs' --specific neighborhoods in the network. MOBOCASTER supplies you with this data.

Pharmacogenomics Simplified.

Adverse drug reactions are a constant threat to patient health. The DRUGGIE app will report over 300 potential adverse reactions based on your client's genotype.

High-value Prescriptives.

Opus23 features a unique curated database of natural products known to regulate gene expression. The PSYCHIC app surfs the Interactome, identifies upstream and downstream targets, then suggests high value agents worthy of your consideration.

Click here to see an agent popup

Fully Interactive Learning Tool

It's inevitable that you'll encounter genes or SNPs you've never heard of. Click on a gene or SNP and up pops an information screen. Click on an agent and up comes the PubMed citation.

Click here to see a Gene popup

And There's More.

ACCELERANT identifies complicating etiologic factors for the client by combining searches of the Diseasome and Etiome.
RARIFY checks for rare alleles.
FANTASMATRON allows you to make dietary suggestions based on client genotype and diet template (ABO/FUT2, Paleo, FODMAP, etc)
And we could go on. So we will.

The Opus 23 Module UTOPIA will allow you to upload microbiome data from uBiome.
This data is linked to the Opus client and available to Opus 23 for additional calculations and stand-alone analytics.
UTOPIA features one of the largest and most robust data models currently available in clinical medicine. Utopia is included with with Opus 23. (Arrives Summer 2016)

Bioengineering 101.

Many desirable microbiota cannot be supplied as probiotics. Utopia's interactions database and food web networks allow you to develop a 'seed and soil' systems approach to microbiota cultivation or ancestral core and keystone species.

Algorithmic insights.

Interested in your client's ability to convert isoflavones to phytoestrogens via equal-producing strains? Gut permeability associated pathobionts? Oxalate metabolism? The Utopia ADVICE app uses advanced algorithms to determine complex microbiota phenotypes.

Fully Interactive Learning Tool

The Utopia LOAM app supplies client microbiota data is simple, sortable, filterable tables. Information-rich popups educate as well as inform.

Click here to see a Utopia popup

If you are even thinking about doing this sign up. Opus23 has been a game changer for my patients who have had 'mysterious' problems that, after seeing many integrative practitioners, still were not better until Opus23 'sang' the perfect healing words.      - Robert Lang, MD

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