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  • Basic and advanced in-person training seminar, May 20-21.

    Most patients improve through committing themselves to lifestyle, diet, mindset and environmental changes. When they don’t, additional history and sleuthing is needed. As our patients get more complex, the need for quickly evaluating thousands of genes is needed. Peter’s Opus23 allows one to do exactly this. I highly recommend using Opus23 for those patients who have ‘tried everything’ and are still stuck. It could very well find the answers to your patient’s riddle.” — Dr. Ben Lynch

    There will be an in-person training at the Center of Excellence in Generative Medicine (University of Bridgeport, Connecticut) for the weekend of May 20-21.

    A weekend training hosted by the Center of Excellence in Generative Medicine at the University of Bridgeport, Bridgeport CT, USA. A rare opportunity to receive hands-on training in Opus23 from Peter D’Adamo, Jacqueline Greenfield and Tom Greenfield, the key developers of the platform.


    The seminar is a mix of some lecture and extensive hands-on learning. During experiential sessions, attendees will break up into 4-5 person workgroups. Each workgroup will have its own teaching assistant (TA) a GM/COE student with extensive experience with Opus. Attendees will work directly in Opus on a series of different clients.

    Choose between the Level I (basic certification) needed for access to Opus23 or Level II (advanced training) for those who have already completed a basic webinar or seminar.  

    Level I covers the  fundamentals of Opus23: The user interface and design philosophy; the key informatic  apps, and curating a client report.

    Level II covers advanced topics in Opus23:  Advanced informatics apps, microbiome integration, and advanced prescriptives and protocol generation.

    Successful completion of the level I training allows you full access to the Opus23 software, with the ability to upload and analyze raw data from 23andMe and uBiome, and produce notes and patient reports. 

    Cost of the seminar is $800 USD. Proceeds go to the Center of Excellence in Generative Medicine (COEGM) which provides advanced clinical and didactic postgraduate training for the College of Naturopathic Medicine (UBCNM). Because of the hands-on nature of this seminar, seating is limited to 18 attendees.

    Please visit this link to register for the conference via our secure PayPal link.


    The seminar will run from 9AM-5PM Saturday May  20 and 9AM-12 NOON May 21. You should arrive at 8:30AM for registration and to meet your TA. Classes will take  place on the University of Bridgeport campus, at the Center of Excellence in Generative Medicine, 115 Broad Street Bridgeport CT 06604. Lunch will be provided on Saturday at the COEGM as well as dinner at a local restaurant.


    Bridgeport Holiday Inn
    1070 Main Street
    Bridgeport CT 06604
    Phone: 203 334-1234
    Fax: 203 696-1985